Thursday, October 25, 2012

Delivery of toys to the Children

Thank you for our cool toys we really like them
The little girl has never had a doll to play with she is 6 years old she was very happy to get this darling stuffed animal fish. We are working on getting her a dolly soon.  The boy has 2 brothers which both got a car.  Now they can race them.  

He is showing the wooden cars he picked for the 2 small boys that live in the house with him. We left a stuffed animal with the baby boy to play with.

These children are cousins. They all live together in this one home 34 people live here during the school year. Most of these little girls don't even have a doll to play with so the stuffed animals were a big hit with them.

This lovely lady has many grand-children, the kids were very happy to seen the toys. Each children received one whether it be a stuffed animal or a wooden car.

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