Monday, October 15, 2012

"Bring the love" here in Chuuk

Okay ya'll this event is asking for donations to "Bring the love" here in Chuuk.

As many of you know we need a lot of help here.
For those of you that have not been here ~ Chuuk is located about 600 miles southeast of Guam. Chuuk State consists of 11 mangrove-fringed islands in the Chuuk Lagoon, and a series of 14 outlying atolls and low islands surrounding the lagoon. The main islands, Weno, Tonoas, Uman and Fefan are located in the Chuuk Lagoon. 

Of Chuuk's population of around 53,000, more than 40,000 live on islands in the lagoon.

Commerce is limited here, if not impossible. To purchase items, when or if you can, it might be VERY EXPENSIVE. Other than the local food everything must be imported, so everything depends on the container shipping companies.

The Chuukese people are some of the most loving, honest, charitable people in the world. They will help everyone even if they need it themselves first.

Bringing the Love was created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the communities, wildlife, and environment they visit.

We know that many people are looking for an opportunity to help some how but are just not sure where or who to turn to. We could use your help with "Bringing the Love" to Chuuk.
This is the first project in this area and hopefully there will be many more each year.

We are hoping you will pick one of these choices and invite others to take part. If you want pictures of the children receiving your donation that is not a problem we will be happy to do that along with a thank you note.

Things that we are hoping to get donated here are - - -
Gently used or new clothing all sizes for males; dark color long pants, white shirts with collar, dress ties.
Gently used or new baby clothing - all types and sizes.
Reading glasses - sizes 100 - 200

For the small kids...
Gently used or new children books; teaching - animals, colors, alphabet, numbers really they could use all books.
New Coloring books, color pencils, pencil sharpers, crayons.
Match box cars - or any other fun toys
Dolls for girls of any kind
Pretend jewerly
Glow sticks

Medicine - adult tylenol, baby tylenol, ibuprofen

Please invite others to take part whether it be doing Eagle Scout projects, Fundraisers, Enrichment projects, Ward party donations etc.,

Please mail:
Bringing the Love C/O Sister Tiffany
P.O. Box 861
Moen, Chuuk
FSM 96942

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