Thursday, December 13, 2012

Toy delivery

Sometimes we look around and have a hard time imagining Christmas here.  There are decorations up here and there and also some of the stores blare Christmas music. But Christmas time it is and we are doing our best to have the Spirit.  Many have helped us to do just that by contributing generously and unselfishly to our efforts, Bringing the Love to Chuuk.

This is Cathreen with her mother - she is a special little girl with a handicap caused by the doctor when he was delivering her.  He cut her upper lip pretty bad and she has not been able to speak well because of the damage.  She is a beautiful little 7 year old. She was very happy to see her new toys and clothes.  
This is Cathreen's brother. He is a twin and they are 11 years old.  He was practicing playing with the egg magnets that were donated.  He thought they were really great but his mom didn't like the sound they make. She said it scared her.  They sound like a rattle snake.  
Fortunately there are no snakes here.

Many more children. . . Here they are learning to read and sing "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round". Between 2 houses which are all family we delivered toys and clothes for 12 children.  They were very happy and thanked everyone for "Bringing the Love to Chuuk".

 This little darling is Esron. She is two years old and she was so sweet the entire time we were  there, playing with her new baby doll. She took two of her shirts and made a blanket for her baby and laid it down to sleep.

 This is Hernita and she is 1 month old.  She has tons of hair and is beautiful.

 These boys were also given small wooden cars from Tiny Tim's workshop.  They are very excited to receive them.

We have the greatest job in the world right now, delivering and handing out toys and goodies, all made possible by charitable souls from all across our home country.  We are not clothed in red or have a sleigh and reindeer. To all those who have contributed, we thank you immensely and may the eternal blessings be left in your socks hanging on the mantle.

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